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Do you ever get frustrated that your emails just aren't getting the response you think they should? Or perhaps you are struggling to get people to click through to your squeeze page from your article?

9 Unrestricted PLR Newsletter Series contain ready-made letters for your online Internet Marketing courses. Every Newsletter Pack comes with 20 or so Newsletter Issues (autoresponder series), Squeeze Page and eCovers.

You will also get a pack of 70 persuasive high-performing Sales Letters with MRR  that are easy to adapt to any Internet Marketing niche - or even ANY OTHER NICHE. You can use these sales letters to copy, swipe, use for ideas, or to even use as a starter sales letters to write your own.

PLR ecourses is just one way you can make money easily. In addition, you will get a huge packs of PLR articles and 126 quality ebooks with MRR.

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9 Internet Marketing PLR eCourses

Newletter Series

E-Courses/Newsletter Package (4.09 MB) includes the following series: Profitable Blogging, Online Branding Secrets, List Building Profits, Traffic Explosion Secrets, Twitter Profits Unleashed, Membership Site Profits Unleashed, Outsourcing Secrets, Social Marketing Secrets, Viral Secrets Unleashed (All Unrestricted PLR).

Every eCourse Pack comes with 20 or so Newsletter Issues, Squeeze Page and eCovers. Just imagine, you will get custom-written coaching newsletters written for you, ready to use and run ecourses.

In addition, you will be able to download a pack of 70 persuasive high-performing Sales Letters with Master Resell Rights (MRR) (1.18 MB) that you can swipe, copy, and re-use any words or even the whole sales letters.

You can use them to copy ideas, sales lines, intro lines, closing lines, closes, guarantees, anything you want to copy You can use any sales letter as is to sell your own product. You can also use these to study what makes for great sales letters.

PLR Article Packs

Article marketing is one of the most effective and smartest emarketing methods. It is one thing to stay in business and it is another thing to have a profitable business. You likely know the wise saying, “Content is the king!” Post articles in your blog or website. You can also use PLR articles for your e-books and reports, press releases, prodcasts, record them or use for creating a video. But don’t forget to rewrite them partly, before submitting to article directories.

Use articles to promote your own or affiliate products. Well-written informative articles make readers to click through to your website and get more information (or buy something) from you.

Using professionally-written articles yields a higher position of your website in search results; PLR articles attract more website visitors, and bring more links to your website. PLR articles provide for the increase of the confidence and trust levels of customers to your site and company. Of course, the easiest way to earn with articles is to resell them.

You will also download PLR Mega Pack of 100,000+ Unrestricted PLR articles with Master Resell Rights; the articles are based on wide-ranging hot niches. The package consist of 6 packs, 30-40 MB each.

Some of the Main Topics Covered:

Acne (504), Advertising (518), Affiliate Marketing (210), Affiliate Programs (438), Allergies (30), Alternative Energy (35), Alternative Medicine (489), American History (50), Aquarium (50), Article Marketing (415), Article Writing (191), Arts and Entertainment (684), Astrology (175), Astronomy (50), Attraction (117), ATV (98), Auto Responders (25), Aviation (112), Babies (411), Back Pain (49), Beauty (1233), Bed & Breakfast (50), Blogging (268), Blogs (212), Blood Pressure (35), Boating (66), Book Marketing (66), Bronchitis (50), Business (2563), Cake Decorating (50), Cardio (99), Careers (930), Cars (979), Castles (75), Cat (97), CD Duplication (75), Christmas (50), Clothing (325), Coaching (154), Coffee (106), College (241), Communications (301), Computer Certification (240), Computer Technology (1146), Consumer Electronics (186), Cooking (268), Copywriting (123), Crafts (239), Credit Card Debt (100), Credit (1781), Cruises (149), Currency Trading (262), Customer Service (146), Data Recovery (116), Debt Consolidation (734), Dedicated Servers (25), Depression (221), Destinations (1045), Diabetes (131), Diamonds (42), Dieting (58), Digital Products (77), Disease Illness (744), Dogs (91), Domain Names (25), Domains (156), eBay (151), Ebooks (122), Ecommerce (276), Education (215), Education Reference (708), Email Marketing (282), Entrepreneurs (483), Environmental (164), Exercise (373), Ezine Marketing (63), Family Budget (50), Fashion (278), Feng Shui (75), Finance (1275), Fishing (395), Fitness (73), Fitness Equipment (163), Food Beverage (518), Foreign Language Training (50), Forex (73), Forums (28), Fundraising (68), Games (492), Gardening (793), Genealogy (50), General (2756), Goal Setting (270), God (50), Golf (777), Google AdSense (59), Government (50), Graphic Design (25), Greenhouse (55), Hair Loss (195), Happiness (144), Hardware (268), Health & Fitness (4218), Hobbies (328), Holidays (372), Home Based Business (1273), Home Improvement (2432), Home & Family (1077), Hosting (30), Hybrid Cars (100), India (50), Inspirational (129), Insurance (871), Interior Design (504), Internet Marketing (1102), Investing (411), Jewellery (487), Job Search (75), Landscaping (109), Language (116), Las Vegas (94), Law (46), Leadership (179), Legal (224), Leisure Travel (1068), Loans (2031), Management (770), Marketing (1464), Marriage (245), Medicine (1058), Meditation (122), Membership Sites (41), Mental Health (75), Mexico Vacations (50), Migraines (50), Mortgage (843), Motivation (224), Motorcycles (109), Muscle Building (116), Networking (86), New York (60), Nutrition (478), Online Business (966), Online Shopping (49), Operating Systems (51), Outdoors (223), Outsourcing (49), Paid Surveys (25), Parenting (814), Paris (50), Personal Finance (359), Pets (1406), Photography (60), Photoshop (25), Podcasts (37), Poetry (1349), Politics (413), PPC Advertising (186), Product Reviews (191), Psychology (90), Public Speaking (87), Real Estate (1741), Recipes (268), Religion (386), Resume (50), RSS (56), Sales (404), Science (177), Self-Improvement (1039), SEO (1045), Sewing & Embroidery (25), Shoes (69), Site Promotion (228), Sleeping Baby (50), Small Business (498), Snoring (50), Social Networking (25), Society (574), Software (653), Spirituality (219), Sports (1431), Sports Car (50), Sports Coaching (50), Stock Market (189), Stress Management (248), Success (235), Sudoku (50), Superfoods (50), Supplements (284), Taxes (261), Teddy-bears (73), Telescopes (75), Tennis (2961), Theater Arts (50), Time Management (2046), Trademark (50), Traffic Generation (256), Travel Tips (865), Trucks-SUVS (1223), Vacations (3940), Vegetarian (70), Vehicles (655), Video Game System (50), Viral Marketing (52), Virtual Assistants (45), Vitamins (44), Wealth Building (5859), Weather (1455), Web Design (723), Web Development (2639), Web Hosting (9130), Web Video (25), Web Traffic (40), Wedding (55), Wedding Etiquette (50), Weddings (1329), Weight Loss (1171), Writing (688), Writing & Speaking (154), Yoga (334), YouTube (25)

Click here to see the full list of niches included in the PLR Mega Pack.

126 eBooks (MRR)

126 eBooks come with Full Master Resell Rights. The average size of the books is 70 pages. Although ebooks do contain some graphical ads, their links are inactive now; originally, the ebooks were rebrandable (see, for example, Maybe it is the same pack sold by a different reseller. Maybe here is their previous edition. Few of these ebooks (MRR) are availbale for free in our blog.

Each of these books is very well-formatted and has an attractive cover page. The Table Of Contents is also hyper-linked for convenient browsing.

[YES] Can be given away for FREE.
[YES] Can be sold at any price you want to.
[YES] Can sell the books individually or in a package.
[YES] Can offer MRR to your customers.
[YES] Can be packaged.
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus.
[YES] Can be sold on auction sites.

In short, you can do almost anything with this product except editing / modifying it.

PACK 1: 30 eBooks, MRR; 33.38 MB
PACK 2: 30 eBooks, MRR; 34.74 MB PACK 3: 30 eBooks, MRR;
34.15 MB
Adoption Made Easy
All About Baby Boomers
Anti-ageing And Skin-care Made Easy!
Aquarium Care Made Easy!
Atv Made Easy!
Auto Sound Systems Made Easy!
Backyard Ideas For Fun And Frolic!
Body Detox Made Easy!
Buying And Maintaining A Car Made Easy!
Candle-making Made Easy
Career Planning Made Easy!
Complete Body Fitness, Cooking Mastery!
Diet and Weight Loss
Digital Photography Inside Out!
Dog Diet - The Right Food For Your Do
Energy Conservation And Alternative Fuel
Family Budget…Demystified!
Fishing Mastery!
Fun With Telescopes!
Gardening Made Easy!
Gardening Secrets For A Lush Garden!
Golf For Seniors
Golf Gifts Ideas
GPS Made Easy!
Greenhouse Maintenance
Health Insurance And Health Savings Account Made Easy!
Hearing Aids Inside Out
Home Automation Inside Out!
Home Security Made Easy!
How To Ace Any Interview!
How To Achieve A Better Credit Score!
How To Attract Anything You Want In Life!
How To Become A Bass Fishing Pro!
How To Become A Bee-Keeping Pro!
How To Become A Fly Fishing Pro
How To Become A Highly Effective Time Manager!
How To Become An Expert At Sudoku
How To Become A Successful Public Speaker
How To Be The Creator Of Your Own Life!
How To Boost Your Memory Power!
How To Boost Your Self-esteem
How To Burn Calories And Stay Fit... Forever!
How To Create Great Gift Baskets!
How To Decorate Your House Like A Pro!
How To Develop Your Power Of Concentration!
How To Effectively Control Your Anger
How To Get The Most Out Of Your Timeshares!
How To Have An Unforgettable Camping Vacation!
How To Have An Unforgettable Cruise Vacation!
How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience
How To Have A Roaringly Successful Baby Shower!
How To Kick Bad Habits Out Of Your Life!
How To Lose Weight…With The Right Food!
How To Lower Your Cholesterol
How To Make Your Own Spooky Halloween Crafts!
How To Manage Life Before And After Divorce!
How To Maximize The Power Of Yoga!
How To Overcome Procrastination!
How To Play And Enjoy Hunting Video Games!
How To Sell Real Estate For Profits
How To Set Up Your Own Home Theatre
How To Successfully Homeschool Your Child
How To Successfully Plan And Organize An Event!
How To Survive Any Natural Calamity!
How To Take Care Of Your Baby's Health
How To Take Care Of Your Dog's Health
How To Take Great Care Of Elders
How To Take Great Care Of Your Pet Iguana!
How To Train Yourself For Soccer
How To Uncover Your Genealogy!
How To Win Your War Against Acne!
How To Win Your War Against Allergies!
How To Win Your War Against Anxiety Disorders!
How To Win Your War Against Back Pain!
How To Win Your War Against Bad Breath
How To Win Your War Against Bed Bugs!
How To Win Your War Against Bronchitis
How To Win Your War Against Depression
How To Win Your War Against Insomnia And Other Sleep Disorders!
How To Win Your War Against Irritable Bowel Syndrome
How To Win Your War Against Snoring And Sleep Apnea!
How To Win Your War Against Stress!
How To Win Your War Against Termites
Identity Theft - Don't Be The Next Victim!
Keep Your PC Safe From Virus And Data Loss!
Lawn Tennis Explained
Lean Manufacturing Principles Made Easy!
Maximizing The Performance Of Your Ipod!
Online Education Made Easy
PACK 4: 36 eBooks, MRR; 40.75 MB
Online Stock Trading Made Easy!, Parental Control - How To Check Your Kids!, Perfumes ! Understanding, Buying And Making Perfumes, Pilates And Complete Body Fitness, Positive Attitude For Unlimited Success, Quit Smoking Today!, Relocation Made Easy!, Remote Control Cars Inside Out!, Retirement Planning For The Golden Years, Scrapbooking Made Easy!, Self-Improvement Made Easy!, Single Parenting - Becoming The Best Parent For Your Child!, Snowboarding Fun!, Taxes Made Easy!, The Advantages Of Being A Vegetarian!, Ultimate Body Building And Fitness!, Understanding And Enjoying Golf, Understanding And Mastering The Art Of Coin Collecting!, Understanding And Treating Adhd!, Understanding And Treating Autism, Understanding And Treating Baby Colic, Understanding And Treating Bipolar Disorders!, Understanding Daycare Inside Out!, Understanding Diabetes And Glycemic Index, Understanding Scholarships, Understanding The Basics Of Film-Making!, Understanding The Basics Of Quilting!, Wedding Budget Made Easy!, Wedding Etiquette Made Easy!, Your Garden - Neighbor's Envy, Owner's Pride! + 6 eBooks MORE

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