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Unrestricted PLR eBooks

[YES] Can be edited.
[YES] Can put your name as the author.
[YES] Can be broken down into articles.
[YES] Can be used as web or e-zine content.
[YES] Can be used as eCourse or autoresponder series.
[YES] Can be translated to other languages.
[YES] Can be added into membership websites.
[YES] Can be sold in any format.
[YES] Can be packaged with other products.
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus.
[YES] Can be given away (in any format).
[YES] Can be sold on auction sites.
[YES] Can offer (Master) Resell Rights.
[YES] Can resell Private Label Rights.
[YES] Can be published offline.

Unrestricted Private Label Rights, or U-PLR, consists of content that is written and sold for you to do whatever you want. Each ebook/report folder contains pdf and doc/docx files and ecovers; many comes with sales letters (SL) or squeeze pages.

Although some of these ebooks and reports are 10 or even more years old, and in some cases, editing and updating in places is required, you will get helpful resources originally created by well-known marketers of the past to start or expand your online business.

See what is included in the package.

STARTER PACK 1: 25 eBooks, U-PLR; 32.41 MB
1) Building the Business Brain, 2) Handover Fist Money Makers, 3) Practical Personal Development, 4)Scam Busters, 5) Secret Sauce Strategies, 6) Achieve Prosperous Living through Spiritual Empowerment, 7)Concrete Confidence, 8) Health and Wealth Magnetism, 9) Home Business Models Exposed, 10) Instant Cash Strategies, 11) Kult Kingdom Tactics, 12) Network Marketing Survival 3.0, 13) How to Outsource Anything to Anyone, 14) Passion Driven Prosperity, 15) Traffic Tidal Wave, 16) Unleash the Financial Giant Within, 17) The Unstoppable Internet Entrepreneur Mindset, 18) Get Paid to Take Digital Photos, 19)Making Money Online, 20) Legitimate Online Jobs, 21) How to Train Your Puppy, 22) Dog Basics And Training, 23)Exercise Without Effort, 24) Hypnosis Mania, 25) Financing Your Car Purchase

STARTER PACK 2: 15 eBooks with Sales Pages, U-PLR; 19.3 MB
1) 100 Weight Loss Tips, 2) What You Need to Know about Real Estate, 3) Creating Residual Income Opportunities in Real Estate, 4) Making Money by Investing in Real Estate, 5) Tips for Sprucing up Your Home, 6) Creating a Perfect Consistent Golf Swing, 7) Disorders of the Brain, 8) Breaking through Learning Disabilities, 9) The Truth behind Hypnosis, 10) Quit Snoring Now, 11) Sleep Well, 12) Alternative Medicine, 13) Your Basic Guide to Acing Any Job Interview, 14) A Beginners Guide To Yoga, 15) How To Eliminate Stress And Anxiety From Your Life

Other U-PLR eBooks & Reports

PACK 1: 30 eBooks, U-PLR; 31.57 MB
PACK 2: 30 eBooks, U-PLR; 33.38 MB PACK 3: 30 eBooks, U-PLR; 24.43 MB
1) Article Marketing Secrets (SP)
2) Web 2.0 Sites Exposed
3) How To Make Your Home Sell
4) How to Write Your Own Lead Pulling Squeeze Page
5) Profit Funnel Secrets (SP)
6) How to Create an Out-Of-Control Viral Marketing Campaign
7) Turning the Herd into Cash (SP)
8) Unlocking the Niche Code
9) Fire Your Boss
10) The Product Creation Guru (SP)
11) Firesale Essence
12) How to Organize Your Wedding on a Budget
13) The Art of Loving Yourself (SP)
14) The E-Entrepreneur Success Mindset
15) Blogging Basics for Beginners
16) Develop Your Financial IQ
17) Guide to Successful Online Freelancing
18) The Better and Healthy You
19) Internet Entrepreneurship Survival Guide
20) Powerful Offline Marketing in the Internet Age
21) Real Estate Investment Secrets
22) Resale Rights the Alternative
23) Saving Time and Money for Work at Home Entrepreneurs
24) Improving Oneself for Good and Achieve Goals in Life
25) The Speedy Guide to Web Copywriting
26) Your Road Straight to Success
27) Forum Marketing Secrets
28) High Ticket Marketing Secrets
29) How to Price Your Product or Service Just Right
30) How to Win at Child Custody Battle
31) Tips and Tricks for Success for Young Entrepreneurs
32) Unleash the Power of Ad Tracking
33) Webinars AZ
34) The Beginners Guide to Membership Sites
35) Facebooking Craze for Internet Marketers
36) E-Book Reseller Riches
37) Cashing in Big on the Health and Wellness Industry
38) Traffic Mastermind
39) Squeeze Page Secrets (SP), (two SqP templates)
40) List Building for Newbies
41) Antivirus-101
42) iPhone and iPad App Cash (SqP)
43) 101 Tips and Techniques for Cooking like a Chef
44) 5 Ways to Get Rid of the Baby Fat
45) Bum Marketing
46) Cash Building Strategies
47) Focus
48) Forget the Hype
49) The 48-hour Affiliate Action Plan
50) Holistic and Alternative Medicine (SP)
51) How to Get 10K Real You Tube Views in a Week (SqP)
52) Social Marketing Secrets (SP)
53) How to Get a Top Ranking in Google and MSN for Only $9
54) Twitter and Word Press
55) 20 Surefire Techniques to Insure Your Web Explodes (SqP)
56) E-Book Marketing Exposed
57) One Two Punch
58) Stealth Marketing Tactic
59) PayPal Made Simple
60) $1000 in One Week on eBay (SP)
61) Fast Cash Now (SP)
62) 30 Maximum Conversion Rate Tips
63) Emergency Preparation (SP)
64) The Affiliate Marketer’s Handbook
65) Affiliate Cash Machines (SP)
66) The Ultimate Baby Boomers Guide (SP)
67) Budget Home Decorating Tips (SP)
68) Building Influence with Free Membership Sites
69) Copywriting for the Web (SP)
70) Creating an Online Business 101 (SP)
71) Dealing with Loneliness
72) Effective Copywriting 101 (SP)
73) Free Reports Exposed
74) Genealogy (SP)
75) Goin All Veggies (SP)
76) Guide to Cashing in on eBay
77) Guide to Give Away Events
78) Guide to PC Security
79) Insider’s Guide to Forex Trading (SP)
80) List Building Strategies That Really Work
81) Network Marketing Survival
82) Network Marketing Pitfalls
83) The Internet Marketing Online Goldmine (SP)
84) Opt-in List Building for Beginners
85) Quick and Easy Guide to Article Marketing
86) Recurring Income Secrets
87) Search Engine Manifesto
88) Show Me the Plan Part 1
89) Show Me the Plan Part 2
90) Social Networking Exposed
PACK 4: 30 eBooks, U-PLR; 28.48 MB PACK 5: 30 eBooks, U-PLR; 42.27 MB PACK 6: 30 eBooks, U-PLR; 14.69 MB
91) Top Secret eBay Tips (SP)
92) Successful Career Change Tactics Revealed (SP)
93) Definitive Guide to Becoming a Successful Dropshipper (SP)
94) The Pay-Per-Click Marketing Guide
95) The Self-Improvement Handbook
96) Top Affiliate Tactics
97) Traffic Overdrive
98) Twitter for the Tweeple
99) What You Need to Know When Pursuing Wealth
100) Winning the Affiliate War
101) 15 Top Ways to Save Money (SP)
102) 62 Ways to Save Money at the Gas Pump (SP)
103) 101 Fast Fixes to Boosting Your Credit Score (SP)
104) Getting Yourself Organized (SP)
105) Household Budgeting (SP)
106) How to Prosper During Bad Times (SP)
107) The Complete Blog and Ping Tutorial (SP)
108) How to Create Your Own Video Product (SP)
109) How to Make Your House Energy and Cost Efficient (SP)
110) Hybrid Cars (SP)
111) iPods 101 (SP)
112) Key Principles for All Entrepreneurs (SP)
113) Lean Manufacturing (SP)
114) Time Management for College Students (SP)
115) Selling Your Timeshare (SP)
116) The 48 Hour Plan (SP)
117) 200 Problem Solving Tips for Your Home and Your Health (SP)
118) Affiliate Compass (SP)
119) Bad Credit (SP)
120) Bed Bugs (SP)
121) Beginner’s Guide to Learning Chinese (SP)
122) The Big Book of Classic Christmas Tales
123) Feng Shui (SP)
124) Free and Low-Cost Ways to Huge Web Traffic
125) Quick and Easy to Boost Your Business Profits
126) Relationship Marketing with Emails
127) Scooters Mopeds and Other Fuel-Efficient, Vehicles
128) Gas-Saving Devices
129) Grow Rich While You Sleep (SP)
130) Hindu Yogi Science of Breath (SP)
131) Hypermiling: How to Make Your Car Go Further with Less Gas
132) How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft (SP)
133) Infinite Profits (SP)
134) Unclaimed Money Finders Manual (SP)
135) Quit Smoking (SP)
136) Living Green
137) Making Chocolate 101 (SP)
138) The Guide to Moving Abroad (SP)
139) Renewable Energy
140) The Road to Niches (SP)
141) Boosting Self-Esteem Guide
142) Sudoku Puzzle Secrets (SP)
143) Take Control of Your Life (SP)
144) Think and Grow Rich for Internet Entrepreneurs
145) Understanding Acne (SP)
146) Word Press Plugin Confidential (SP)
147) Bird-watching for Beginners (SP)
148) How to Eliminate Stress and Anxiety from Your Life (SP)
149) Affiliate Marketing A to Z
150) eMail Marketing A to Z
151) eZine Marketing A to Z
152) Google AdSense A to Z
153) Pay-Per-Click Marketing A to Z
154) Convert Your DVDs to iPod Video
155) Everything You Need to Know about the Video iPod
156) The Ultimate Guide to the Video iPod
157) Top 6 DVD to Video iPod Converter Software
158) The Inside Scoop on the Video iPod Battery
159) 101 Powerful Tips for Legally Improving Your Credit Score
160) Beating the Beast Goldmine
161) Ebook Creation for Illiterate
162) Exploding Your Sales
163) Family Budget (SP)
164) Found Money (SP)
165) Mail-list Cash Extraction
166) Quick Start Guide to Easy Online Profits
167) Unlimited Customers Goldmine
168) Bass Fishing 101 (SP)
169) Ebay Power Seller (SP)
170) Greenhouse Growing (SP)
171) The Insider’s Guide to Selling Real Estate (SP)
172) Baby Showers Revealed (SP)
173) Landing Page Success Guide
174) The Golden Rules of Acquiring Wealth
175) The Might of Character Building
176) 7 Infamous Resell Rights Questions Answered
177) 10 Ways to Write More Effective Ads
178) 7 Days to Easy Money
179) How to Write Successful Emails
180) Ultimate Dirty Internet Marketing Tricks
PACK 7: 30 eBooks, U-PLR; 42.93 MB PACK 8: 30 eBooks, U-PLR; 37.49 MB
181) Online Legal Protection (SP)
182) Brick and Mortar Business for Newbies (SP)
183) Create Your Own Product in 5 Easy Steps (SP)
184) Dog Basics for Newbies (SP)
185) Email Marketing for Newbies (SP)
186) List Building News (SP)
187) Mailing List Secrets (SP)
188) Mr X Reveals All
189) Confident Public Speaking Unlocked
190) Making the Case for a Vegetarian Lifestyle (SP, SqP)
191) 7 Key Elements (SP)
192) Anatomy of a BUM
193) Easy Cash Blueprint (SP)
194) Easy Ezine Profits (SP)
195) Optin List Building (SP)
196) Quick Start Job Guide (SP)
197) Sales Page Primer
198) Secrets to Web Traffic Overdrive
199) Simple Affiliate Secrets (SP)
200) Timeless Sales Strategies
201) List Building Trifecta
202) Article Magic (SqP)
203) Fat Burning Secrets
204) Franchising Basics
205) Instant Auto Profits (SqP)
206) Not a Writer Not a Problem
207) Simple PPC Secrets
208) The Paleo Blueprint
209) A Complete Guide to Summer Hair Care
210) Blogging Cash Course
211)Body Building Secrets Revealed (SP)
212) Go Cable and Super Charge Your Internet Connection
213) How to Protect Yourself from Spyware and Adware (SP)
214) EZ List Building (SqP)
215) Traffic Exchange Secrets (SqP)
216) Holiday Weight Loss Tips
217) Internet Business for Newbies
218) 36 Potent Foods to Lose Weight and Live Healthy (SP)
219) Guide to Self-Publishing Success
220) How to Create and Setup a Database (SP)
221) Let’s Make Money Online (SP)
222) A Very Merry Christmas (SP), Christmas Page
223) Family Vacation (SP)
224) 5 Super Easy Ways to Make Money Offline
225) How to Make Money Online with a Free Blogger Blog
226) How to Explode Your Sales (SP)
227) Insider’s Guide to Outsourcing Your Backlink Building
228) 5 Profitable Steps to Info Product Creation
229) Video Blog Sensation (SP)
230) Make Money Writing
231) Offline Super Cash
232) In Search For The Best Chocolate Related Recipes
233) Tuberminator
234) Super Affiliate Wizard
235) Smart Parenting
236) Do Not Panic: Here's How You Control Your Panic Attacks
237) Master Resell Rights
238) Jewelry Business
239) Know What Your Little Angel Needs: Taking Care of Your Pet Dog and Cat
240) Get Your Home Refinanced The Easy Way

Internet Marketing U-PLR Reports

Simplified Series : 16 Reports, U-PLR; 16.1 MB
1) Affiliate Marketing Simplified, 2) Article Marketing Simplified, 3) Blogging Simplified, 4) Bum Marketing Simplified, 5) Copywriting Simplified, 6) CPA Marketing Simplified, 7) Email Marketing Simplified, 8) Fast Niche Product Creation Simplified, 9) Forum Marketing Simplified, 10) List Building Simplified, 11) Offline Marketing Simplified, 12) PPC Marketing Simplified, 13)PPV Advertising Simplified, 14) Social Marketing Simplified, 15) Targeted Traffic Simplified, 16) Video Marketing Simplified.
IM Expert Guides
Internet Marketing Expert Guides; 6 Reports, U-PLR; 2.8 MB
The Expert Guide to Affiliate Marketing, The Expert Guide to Article Marketing, The Expert Guide to Cashing in on eBay, The Expert Guide to Opt-in List Building, The Expert Guide to PPC Marketing, The Expert Guide to Pursuing Wealth
IM Speed Series : 5 Reports, U-PLR; 2.7 MB
1) Internet Marketing Basics for Newbies, 2) Setting up Your First Business Website, 3) How to Use Words to Sell, 4) How to Develop Your Own Hot Selling Product, 5) Online Traffic Generation Methods
Audio Reports: 8 Reports with MP3s, U-PLR; 17.13 MB
1) Amazing Advertising Tips, 2) Blockbuster Cash Secrets, 3) Breakthrough Sales Solutions, 4) Clever Profit Generating Insights, 5) Covert Product Selling Principles, 6) Customer Tested Buying Triggers, 7) Explosive Influence Tactics, 8) Extreme Persuasion Strategies.
How To Sell Series : 18 Reports, U-PLR; 6.29 MB
How to Sell… 1) Jewelry, 2) Music, 3) Movies, 4) Video Games, 5) Sports Equipment, 6) Cosmetics, 7) Furniture, 8) Software, 9) Appliances, 10) Books and Magazines, 11) Baby Products, 12) Toys, 13) Diet Products, 14) Clothes, 15) Home Improvement Products, 16) Lawn and Garden Products, 17) Pet Products, 18) Party Supplies.

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